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May 24, 2018

Imagine what we could achieve in our businesses if we were able to spot potential problems in advance before they become catastrophic? Where we can detect problems ahead of time and solve them before losing too much money.

The costs and consequences of recalling faulty products from the market or the legal ramifications of failing to read the small prints on a contract or failing to pay taxes all can accumulate to millions, including the brand degradation associated with them.

In his book, Atul Gawande, a professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School suggests that checklists can help most of us manage the extreme complexity of the modern world, regardless of the industries we operate in. He further states that in medicine, the problem is making sure they apply the knowledge they have consistently and correctly. He argues that failure or problems result not so much from ignorance (which is not knowing enough about what works, but from ineptitude (not properly applying what we know works)...

May 10, 2018

Mentorship is an effective tool used to transfer business knowledge, perpetuate wisdom and expertise across generations. Mentoring relationships between mentors who are generally more experienced and knowledgeable business owners or experts in their specific fields and mentees who are less experienced or knowledgeable, have existed throughout history. However, peers have always been and are still the most underutilized source of mentoring support.

While it is important to identify highly successful individuals whom you like, respect, and trust to mentor you, remember that someone at the top of their field may not necessarily be ideal for what you need. So, do not pursue someone just because they are successful and famous; rather, identify different mentors at different levels whom you can relate to and who share your goals and understand your priorities.

It’s important to find a mentor you can see yourself becoming. In fact, I’ve discovered that the best business mentors are those who ha...

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