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June 18, 2017

For the most part, people who are drawn to you probably possess more qualities that are similar to yours than those that are different. Similarly, mentors tend to gravitate towards mentees who remind them of themselves when they were younger, and as a result are inclined to believe in these mentees’ potential than those that are different from them.

"Lionesses, do not shy away from seeking mentors who are different from you as this will benefit you a great deal"

Business owners and leaders can benefit by listening to people who think differently as they often bring some of the team’s most innovative ideas. Recognize that your strength as a business comes from your diversity as we are stronger in our differences than we are in our similarities. In fact, gender and cultural differences can foster greater mutual growth for both mentors and mentees.

Research shows that mandatory diversity training doesn’t necessarily get rid of inherent bias in people as the training may be deemed as a coerce...

June 9, 2017

Economists project that by 2060, Africa’s middle class population, which is currently about 300 million people, will triple to about 1 billion people. This will without a doubt present a lucrative market for products and services that all companies, including multinationals, are eager to access.

In his book, The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid, C.K Prahalad highlights opportunities that exist within the 4 – 5 billion people living on less than $1 or $2 a day who are unserved or underserved by the large private sectors and multinationals. This is an emerging market that has been largely ignored by the private sector until recently. This market requires innovative technologies, products, services and business models relevant to their specific needs; something we shouldn’t ignore as entrepreneurs. 

Lionesses, why not consider unconventional approaches to markets as innovators of the economy? There is a desperate need for entrepreneurs to respond to the needs and struggles of underserve...

June 3, 2017

Your first thought may be: "why would I ever turn down a project as a small business?" Well, there are various reasons entrepreneurs may want to consider declining projects from clients; one of them being insufficient compensation. Lionesses, where do you draw the line between balancing the short term pressure of making money and letting go of clients who do not pay you what you are worth?  Under what circumstances would you be willing to extend that line to accommodate your client? 

When we all start out in business, getting any work feels great even if it is at a low rate. In fact getting paid a little bit of something seems better than nothing at all because it confirms that you have something that someone is willing to pay for. This in turn increases your confidence as an entrepreneur. So, charging less for a short period of time isn't always a negative thing because it gives you immediate cash flow, the exposure and the experience you need. 

There are instances where you may ac...

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